Detailing Packages


Entry Level Detail
Package Meant for low soiled vehicles
Includes- Vacuuming carpets, door pockets, seats, rear cargo areas on suvs and crossovers,
Cleaning of all Plastics/ Leather/ hard surfaces, all interior and exterior Glass cleaned
Starting at: $150


Midrange Tier
Package for daily drivers and average use
Includes- Everything from Bronze, plus Steam Cleaning of Plastics/ Leather/ hard surfaces,
Minor Stain removal, Drill brushing of carpets to remove sand and other debris that vacuum
won’t pickup, Leather Conditioning if applicable, dog hair removal and smoke smell removal.
Starting at: $250


High Tier
Package meant for heavily soiled vehicles
Includes- Everything from Bronze and Silver plus, full shampooing of carpets and fabric seats,
full ozone cleaning of interior to remove any unwanted scents, 6 month protection added to
Leather/ Plastics/ Vinyl/ and other Hard surfaces
Starting at: $375


Package meant for Full Interior Overhaul
Includes- Everything from Bronze, Silver and Gold plus, Full Removal of interior ( Seats,
Carpets, interior trim) to remove any contaminants, full shampooing and cleaning of interior
fabrics, full Interior Ceramic Coating to protect from fading, cracking, staining and tearing.
Starting at: $800

Interior Ceramic Coatings

SB3 Fiber: One Year Lifespan

Created for those demanding the best protection when it comes to their interior auto
fabric. Fiber creates a unique layer of protection that bonds to carpets, floor mats, and
Alcantara. Spills wipe right up, and won't settle in. This truly is a soccer mom's dream
come true.

SB3 Hyde: One-Two Year Lifespan

Hyde from Sb3 Coatings is a premier interior protectant. Hyde is professionally installed
by a Surface Specialist. It works well on all leather and leaves a nice soft supple feel. It
will not leave the leather hard and is built to flex.

Exterior Detailing


Entry Level Detail
Includes: Exterior Foam Bath, Hand Wash, Hand Dried, Glass Cleaned, Hand Wax, Tire Shine
Starting at: $100

Bronze Plus:

Entry Level Detail
Includes: Foam Bath, Hand Wash, 6 Month Sealant, Tire Shine and Exterior Trim Dressing
Starting at: $150


Midrange Detail
Includes Foam Bath, Hand Wash, Paint Decontamination, Clay Bar, One Step Enhancement
(Removes minor defects in paint), Wax or 6 Month Sealant
Starting at $250


Top Tier Detail
Includes Foam Bath, Hand Wash, Paint Decontamination, Heavy Bug and Tar Removal, One
Step Correction ( Removes Minor Defects, Swirls, Scratches and Water Etching), 6 Month
Ceramic Coating, Tire Shine.
Starting at $375

Add Ons:

One Step Correction: $200
Two Step Correction: $350
Wetsanding: $450
Paintless Dent Removal: To Be Determined upon Inspection
Headlight and Tail Light Polishing: $100
Wheel Polishing: $200
Wheel Coating: $200 ($50 Per Wheel)
Tire Coating: $100 ($25 Per Wheel)